Inspirational Qutoes - iBooks Update: Ver1.2

26 June, 2014

New Update

ver1.2 update

Version 1.2
  • 50 more new quotes are added

Link: iTunes (ver1.2):
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Sale #10 - 30 Collage Photo Frames

14 June, 2014

30 Collage Industry Standard Photography Print sizes Photo Frames. Everything is carefully designed with a standard print size template.
  • 5000 x 5000* (Maximum for one side)
  • 300 dpi
  • Industry standard photography print size templates
  • Organized layers
  • Smart Object for easy editing
  • Keywords for filtering (When you open the photo frame folder in the bridge, it will automatically display all the keywords)
  • Ready for Print
  • Default Background texture for the frame

Link: 30 Collage Photo Frames

Portable Cassette Recorder - Available on the Google Play

30 May, 2014

Now Available on the Google Play
Density: ldpi, mdpi, hdpi
Screens: Small, Normal and Large
Version: 2.2 and above
Pricing: Free and Paid
Release date: 30th May, 2014

pcr for android.png

Google Play:
Free Version:
Full Version:

Website: Portable Cassette Recorder
Support Site: Portable Cassette Recorder - Support

Social Media: Twitter

Concept and Design: Sanjeev Beekeeper
Development: Softcraft Systems Pvt Ltd

Inspiration Qutoes - iBooks Update: Ver1.1

15 May, 2014

Just a week back i updated and submitted and the updates are ready now and available in the iBooks Store for "Inspirational Quotes on iBooks" Verion 1.1

Version 1.1
  • 50 more quotes added
  • Quote numbers are added
  • Minor line adjustments are made
  • Minor alignment changes
  • Spacing adjustments were made for author descriptions in the Glossary Section

iTunes (ver1.1):
Inspirational Quotes Blog:

PS 24 - How to Deselect a Layer from the Layers Palette

11 May, 2014

If you have used Marquee tool to made any selection, you can deselect by pressing Ctrl D, or you can go to the paths palette and click on the empty space if it is made up of shape layer.

If you create a new Photoshop file, by default the background (locked) layer will be selection. You cannot deselect this layer, to do that you have to convert to regular layer. But if your layers palette is filled layers and there is no empty space to click, how do you deselect a layer?


01. Assume this is your workspace and you cannot increase the height of the layers palette anymore than this.

(fig 1.0)

02. To deselect the layer generally you click on an empty space in the layers palette.

But what happen if you do not have any empty spaces and you cannot extend the layers palette anymore than the Photoshop workspace.

(fig 2.0)

03. Other panels like Brush, Brush Preset, Swatches will automatically create a new column if you expand the width. But that will not work in layers. Even if you have a separate monitor for Layers palette, you are still stuck with the same height.

(fig 3.0)

04. One way is to change the Thumbnail Size to 'None', this will make the thumbnail in the layers palette to smaller size and you could get some extra space if your layers went little beyond the layers palette.

(fig 4.0)

05. To deselect the layer, go to Select > Deselect Layers. This will deselect any layer in the layers palette.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut, hold the Ctrl and click on the selected layer. If you click on any other layer holding the Ctrl key will make a multiple selection, like holding a shift and selecting.

Since this is related to selection i guess thats why they kept it under Select menu and not Layer menu.

(fig 5.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg