PS-28 - Creating Multiple masks for a Single layer

13 September, 2014

Mask hides a portion of a layer and let you see through the background layer. You can apply only one mask per layer. But what if you want to apply multiple mask on the same layer?


01. I've created a simple rectangle with a background pattern design.

(fig 1.0)

02. You can apply two different mask to one layer, 'Layer mask' and 'Vector mask'. We will create a simple 'layer mask' by clicking the mask icon in the layers palette. And create a simple diamond gradient shape mask.

If you have a Normal layer, clicking the mask icon will add a 'Layer mask' and you can also add 'Vector mask'. But if you have a Shape layer you can only add 'Layer mask'.

(fig 1.1)

03. If you try to add another mask to the same mask layer, it will replace the old one. No, you cannot use the Shift key; holding shift will only constrain the mask angle.

(fig 2.0)

04. So if you want to add multiple mask and if you click the mask icon again in the layers palette will add a 'Vector mask' and not layer mask. You can see which mask you have added in the Properties palette.

You cannot create anymore mask to the current layer, notice the mask icon is disabled in the layers palette.

(fig 2.1)

05. But what you can do is, group the current layer and add mask to the group. This does not replace or hide the underneath layer mask. Both masks work separately

(fig 3.0)

06. Since the mask works on a group without obstructing any other mask, you can remove the existing mask from the layer and move it to the group. This will help you to add more layers to the current group and the masks remain in the same place.

Advantage for this is it will give you more flexible and have an individual control without worrying about the other mask and you can also move, scale or delete the mask without touching the other.

(fig 4.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg

Making of Inspirational Quotes for iBook

06 September, 2014

You must have seen my other blog Inspirational Quotes if you haven't check it out, it is all about Inspirational quotes from various authors. I created this blog on 2011 and i was updating whenever i get time. Recently for the couple of months i was updating regularly (well.. almost).

When this iBook on iPad came i was so inspired and thought why not make a quote book out of this blog and make it available for free.

So i'll just walk you through he process of creating the book cover, well there's nothing much in the content (the quotes) its all take from the blog. The hardest was the book cover.

(fig 1.0)

01. The initial idea of the cover was to stick to the same color style from the website. So nothings fancy, i just placed the title in the center and made a simple mountain like design at the bottom. It is was kind of dull i know, but i had to make some cover for the time-being.

The ornament at the bottom of the text is a shape layer from Photoshop. The border was the last minute add-on. I don't know why, but i kind of like a frame around the corner.

Initial book cover workfile.jpg
(fig 2.0)

02. Since the design is simple, the book cover was re-created inside iBooks author to reduce some space.

Book Cover design on iBooks Author.jpg
(fig 2.1)

Every time i do the update, i keep thinking of updating the cover too, but at that time i didn't had anything in my mind, so left it as it is.

03. Couple of weeks back i came across this image on and it was perfect for the book cover. I really like the above-the-cloud shot. It's kind of tell you to look-up. Also it's kind of look like a sunset behind the mountain.

Cloud Overshot.jpg
(fig 3.0)

04. This is the first look for the design (fig 4.0). The left side background image was exactly as it is, even though its clear on top, but it looks too close to the camera, so i reduced the size and extend the top (the right image), which gives me more room to place the text. Also white was more soothing than a darker text.

Something was missing here. I left it for a day and didn't do anything, and came next day and added couple of things, and the first thing is the border around the image, it looks more like a poster than a book cover.

Inspirational Quotes Book Cover 2nd Design.jpg
(fig 4.0)

05. This is the second design (fig 5.0).

Since the original image had lot of blue tint, to balance that i had to do some little color correction and added some green (I like to have green in the picture, it kind of match the original design fig 2.0).

The book has all kinds of categories of quotes, which i wanted to show here. I wanted the text to levitate from the ground and pass through the clouds.

Inspirational Quotes Book Cover Workfile.jpg
(fig 5.0)

06. The text coming out from the cloud was too flat, so i had to blend the text to looks like it is really coming out and the pieces of cloud overlaps the text.

Text inside the cloud.jpg
(fig 5.1)

07. I previewed the book on iBooks, i like the look but it doesn't give a book effect, more like a flat piece of cardboard. Adding the old frame border won't work.

iBooks Preview.jpg
(fig 6.0)

08. So make it more realistic, i added a binding on both side. The binding on the right side, gives a cushion-kind feel. The sun and the lens flare added to show some kind of light in the picture. Too much of text in the picture, so i removed the text at the bottom and replaced with the logo.

The Final Book Cover.jpg
(fig 7.0)

09. You can see the previous index page (left) and the new one (right). The same image for the book cover was used in the index page.

Index Page.jpg
(fig 8.0)

10. To maintain clarity and focus from the beginning, i was very clear not to use any images in the quotes pages. The only information you see is the Quote no. and the author name at the bottom.

The Quote number at the top was added in the Ver 1.1

Quotes Page.jpg
(fig 9.0)

The Glossary contains all the authors information.

(fig 10.0)

11. You can download the book from the iTunes, it is absolutely free. I will be adding all the quotes from the blog to the book regularly, i'll try my best.

iTunes Page.jpg
(fig 11.0)

iTunes Link:

More than 200 Simple Web Elements

30 August, 2014

No funky, No flashy

More than 200 Simple Web Elements to use as a Mockup or in your web design project. All the layers are created inside photoshop with shape layers and ready to use. The layers are neatly organized and the effects are created only with layer styles.

Link: Simple 200 Web Elements

Workfiles are at the bottom.

ver1.2 update


Workfile 01.png

Workfile 02.png

Workfile 03.png

Workfile 04.png

Workfile 05.png

Workfile 06.png

Inspirational Qutoes - iBook Update: Ver 2.0

21 August, 2014

ver 2.0 update

Version 2.0
  • 100 more new quotes are added
  • New Book cover and Index Design
  • 36 more new Author informations
Link: iTunes (ver 2.0):
Inspirational Quotes Blog:

PS-27 - Working with multiple windows of the same document

16 August, 2014

Let's say you are working on a file that has so many details which need a constant zooming and scrolling. You can use the zoom tool to get a closer detail and zoom out to check how it looks from far. Another way is to use the Navigation panel to control the zoom and scroll.

Did you know Photoshop has this wonder option called Multiple windows of the same document?


01. I am using this 'Humongous World Map' for this tutorial.

For more information about the map >> Humongous World Map
(Highly detailed map with 8000x7000 resolution made with shape layers inside Photoshop. 7 Continents, 267 Countries and 129 Oceans, Seas, Gulf and Bay. Completely editable with organized layers)

(fig 1.0)

02. To open a second window of the same document, go to the Windows / Arrange / New window for <document name>

If you have two or three different documents opened, active window will be shown here.

(fig 2.0)

03. This is not a duplicate window, it is the same document in different window, you can think of it like 'Mirroring'. Making changes to one document will reflect on the other window.

(fig 2.1)

04. You can also create more than 2 windows of the same document. Any document you work will be the original. You can Show ruler, Guide, Rotate, zoom in and out for one window without affecting the other. This is a huge time saver if you have dual monitor.

Notice the image below. For the first window (left) the Ruler is visible. Second window has nothing and the third window has Guide. Also note the zoom size at the bottom of each window.

(fig 3.0)

05. With all these multiple windows, the layers panel is only one.

(fig 4.0)

06. After you made changed, you can save your document from any window.

Here i have included 'United Kingdom' to the map, without saving i'll close the window directly.

On the second image i have closed the third window (the one with the grid). On the third image i have closed the second window. Till now the document is not saved and there is no save dialog box.

Only when i close the last window the save dialog popups.

(fig 5.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg