Creature Sketches

17 April, 2014

I like drawing creatures and it's been a long time since i actually drawn anything. Just had some free time and made these.
Some of my old pencil sketches >>

Creature workfile.jpg

Sale #06 - 15 Unique Photoshop Layer Styles 02

14 April, 2014

Here's a second set of '15 Unique Photoshop Layer Styles 02'.
If you haven't seen the first one, here >> 15 Unique Photoshop Layer Styles 01

Sale #05 - 15 Unique Photoshop Layer Styles 01

12 April, 2014

Sale #05 - 15 Unique Photoshop Layer Styles 01. Layer Styles are created inside Photoshop with only just 'Layer Effects', i wanted to create effects with default effects without using any external plugin or textures. so basically anybody can create.

Created with some combination of different 'Layer Effects' with default photoshop pattern. You can create some amazing realistic design if you play around with the effects for sometime. I try not to overdo any effects and stick to only what is needed.

Fonts are note included with the download, but i have included all the font links in the purchase link. Layers are neatly organized I have also included instruction notes.

what do you think Let me know

Free Inspirational Quotes for iBooks

11 April, 2014

Free iBook for Inspirational Quotes. Now you can carry it wherever you go, all the wonderful quotes at your fingertip. Taken from my other quotes blog, a blog dedicated to Great quotes from all around the world.

Created on iBooks Author. The book has 50 quotes with author informations (Glossary). I submitted the book on Feb 21st and got the approval yesterday, almost 50 days. I was not sure about the approval so i added very little quotes and the book got rejected saying very minimal pages, so i had to add some more quotes. And finally they approved it.

Download the Free Book: Available on the iBookstore
(Inspirational Quotes, US Store)

Inspirational Quotes Blog: Inspirational Quotes Blog
(More than 500 quotes with frequent update)

Inspirational Quotes Page.jpg

Long Shadow Tutorial Moved!

07 April, 2014

I have moved all the tutorial images from facebook to the original blog post for Long Shadow Tutorial. You can view the full tutorial here >> Creating Long Shadow in Photoshop