The Queers - Music Video

11 March, 2008

DVD cover

This was one of my music video completely done on flash, the song called 'I can't get over you' by 'The Queers' (Punk Rockers). I started getting ideas the minute i heard this song.

This song is released on the DVD by 'The Queers' (you can see the DVD cover on top).
Sorry for the Poor Quality!

Check out the band website
The Queers


aroop said...

it surprises me how you dont have any comments on this particular post..i personally loved it..the music ( althought i have never heard the band before, i guess now is a good time to start..)and the has been really well done and even though its limited animation the staccato-ness that is usually associated with this type of animation is just not there and the whole animation feels seamless..LOved it..Great Job..

beekeeper said...

thanks aroop, i just accidentally found out this band, and animated this song and spoke to the band members (surprising they didn't have a music video for this particular song) and they liked the animation and released it on dvd.


Wow... The video is awesome to watch. It was like watching a Beach Boys video on acid. The video may never have made it to good ol' MTV, but I loved every bit of it. So what if they were not really surfing — the video was humorous, and the girls were cute, and that works for me. Thanks for this great site.

Beekeeper said...


Craig said...

Really, this is the great video. You are doing great work with your post. It aided in the success of many punk rock and hardcore bands throughout the years until October 2006 when the club had to close its doors because of legal battles between club owner and musician Hilly Kristal over back owed rent. Aside from protests and fund raisers, not enough money could be raised.
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