Website Updates

20 October, 2010

There are quite a few stuff updates, New blogger page (This Page) with the blogger snapshot so you can get a look of the Page before you click the 'Launch Button' at the bottom of the image and the 'Flickr' Page with a snapshot of my Flickr account, and a brand new photo gallery.,

i was not very happy with the look of my old design (lightbox) and had some issues when you open the picture. This one is a free gallery if you want you can put it in your website too( ) I might buy the full version in future to have more control and not restricted to only 50images.

Last but not least i have made my logo smaller since it was taking more space on the left hand side, so i moved it to the top location. Its easy to navigate and look at the menus on the left without scrolling ;)

Will update some stuffs in my artwork section soon.

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