Wayanad Trip - Kuruva Island

20 November, 2010

More Snaps

This is a beautiful island if want to take photography and explore the nature without anybody, we actually took the other route to the island. When you go on the tourist bus or van you go to the main entrance to the island, but if you take the local bus they'll drop you in a remote area. Only one board says 'Kuruva Island this way'.

You have to walk 3km in a dense jungle there's a small path where only Autorickshaw can fit. To kill the time we came up with a movie concept called 'Kuruva Island' (Related to 'Wrong Turn', 'The Hills have Eyes', The Last House on the Left') it was fun really fun, there was nobody's around us if anything attack us there's no way to run, if its rains there's no where to hide, it was really spooky.

And we reached the island finally, so with that movie in my mind i shot these, i want to avoid people while i was taking shot so i have to wait till the people move away i could get a good shot.

If you going on a Honeymoon trip then don't bother this place, trust me there's nothing there to please the couple.
If you going alone or with friends, then don't miss this place.

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