UI Design Test 1

09 December, 2010

This is a Interactive UI Design Rough Test 1.  The goal here is to focus on the interaction and not the design, i want to keep the graphics very simple. 

i went through lot of errors and stuck in a confusion in quite a few places and its a first time iam trying something like this. I learned quite a bit while making this.  Iam planning some more and more complicated stuffs.

Coming Soon - UI Design Test 2


Ashu Bhadauria said...

nice man !! whr u have done yr animation studies ?
which institute ?
this is something cool i saw in a while :)

Beekeeper said...

This is nothing to do with my animation studies, this is completely i learned on my own ;)

Beekeeper said...

Besides the animation i studied in 'Heart Animation Academy' 12yrs back, they don't exist anymore.

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