Concept Design red qube

29 June, 2010

Concept Design for my friends company 'Red Qube' , they do 3d outsourcing for modeling and Animation.

The Evil

Cover Design.


28 June, 2010

Created this E-Card for my friend's sister's daughter's birthday. Cute Kid.

Intro Pic for 'Vaastushastra'

I created this model for a website called 'Vaastushastra' from 'Google Sketchup' somehow i like google sketchup it really give you the look and feel of a sketch book drawing, rather than a real shiny 3d world.

Google sketchup is a very simple software to work with anybody can create a beautiful landscape, and its very easy to use. This one was created from scratch, there are ready made models available on the net if you need some.

Believe by Breaking Benjamin

27 June, 2010

This Band really impressed me on music and lyrics, they got the balance flowing from start to end on all their song, i guess that is why they sound good. and this song is called 'believe' from their album 'We are not Alone'.

I took one whole day (i guess i was off that day) and made this video, i combined some graphics elements and some efx like fire, smoke..

The first step is aligning all the text and Efx elements based on the music, the Second Step is adding extra sounds for the text transition and the Efx Elemets.

Song: 'Believe'
Album: Breaking Benjamin
Duration: 00:36

Offspring Disclaimer Typography

This was my first attempt of typography completely done on After Effects, it took me 2 weeks to finish this. Since i have work in the morning i can only work at night.

Band: Offspring
Song: Disclaimer
Duration: 00.47 sec