T-Shirt Design - 'Girls Collection'

31 August, 2010

T-Shirt Design - 'Creature Collection'

Final T-Shirt Designs

Ok, Here's the t-shirt design, i can go upto 15 design in these days, but i had lot of fun while making these. These are all hand drawn designs made from scratch. The final designs are on Vector, so the quality remains even if you get it printed on a bigger size cloth.

There are two Collection sets, 'Girls Collection' and 'Creature Collection'. I'll be making some more in the near future and adding more to these collections so be sure to check it out.

T-Shirt Design Day 04

28 August, 2010

Day 04: Still working on some designs, since its taking some time for me to figure out the illustration software, the process is going slow.

T-Shirt Design Day 05

27 August, 2010

Day 05: the illustrations taking some time for me to do on Illustrator. The lines are as smooth as noodles. Iam loving each and every stroke.

T-Shirt Design Day 06

26 August, 2010

Day 06: Did some T-shirt design and made a tutorial for Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects Facebook page.

T-Shirt Design Day 11, 10, 09, 08, 07

25 August, 2010

Day 11, 10,09,08,07: worked on some good designs, since i was out of station for some days i can only work on my notebook and in another couple of days i'll be putting it on the t-shirt.

T-Shirt Design Some Work

19 August, 2010

Here are some, i still have some more, and i'll post it later. So this is just a peek ;).

Iam making some new design apart from my work. so should get over everything soon, and i'll keep update time to time.

T-Shirt Design Day 12

Day 12: Working on some beautiful designs, and its coming out great seriously.

T-Shirt Design Day 13

Day 13: Made some rough sketches for the t-shirt design.

T-Shirt Design Day 14

18 August, 2010

Day 14: Working on Illustrator and fighting out between the pen tool, blog brush and line tool.

T-Shirt Design Day 15

17 August, 2010

Day 15:
Pretty interesting designs i came up with and made some good one.

T-Shirt Design Day 16

16 August, 2010

Iam working on some t-shirt design, and I am really in the mood of doing that,...so today is August 16th, by the end of this month I am targeting some 20- 25 designs.

I have 16 days to go and i can go more than 25 design but lets keep that as a
checkpoint, Its not about making more design its about... making Quality designs.

Iam not expert in t-shirt, so i am just doing it for fun. :)

T-Shirt Design

15 August, 2010

Iam working on some t-shirt designs, the images are from my artwork collection, this is just for fun or sometimes it'll come in handy ;)