If you Like, Pay the Designer!!, If you Don't Like, Don't Pay!!

28 August, 2011


I really appreciate quality work, doesn't matter how long it takes to do, all it matter is the final output, with that said, i recently came across this site (Link Below), beautiful retina iphone 4 template for designers, which is helping me to build my mobile website mockup so easily. I though why not pay them, and i went and did. Felt good!!

If you like them Pay, if you do not like the design Don't pay!! The design is absolutely FREE*. Complete Photoshop file (PSD) for anyone who wants iPhone 4 template, for games, website or anyother mockups design, but not to use these designs on your website or to sell.

Template Download Link: iPhone 4 GUI (Rectina Display)
Payment Link: Pay Whatcha' Like!!

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