Motivational Coffee Mugs

22 May, 2011

Motivational Coffee Mugs for 7 days, Designed by Beekeeper.

Quotes Mug

21 May, 2011

The Quotes Mug is something i was planned for a long time, and now i get a chance to do it.  The Mug was completely modeled in Maya, it took me some time to get all the Poly, UV's in place, i know its a simple model but you know everything has to go in a harder way for me :).  

But I finally managed to finish this and the render is on Cinema 4D, its easy for me to set up a scene and render in C4D than Maya. The Full version is Coming Soon!

UI Design Initial Sketches

04 May, 2011

These are the designs i did for the touch screen display video, i've linked the videos below.  Before i do the final design for the touchscreen, i have to get familiarize with the elements and its movement and how sleek it should be and where it should appear and so on.  So to do that i have studied from various movies, music video and other advertisements.

This is the first time iam doing something like this and never done this before anything this big, hope you like it. 

Interactive Test 1

Interactive Test 2

Interactive Test 3