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22 June, 2012

When it comes to search files in PC there's only one easier option and that was the 'Search Computer' in the top right on the 'My Computer' screen, but its hard to search the files based on the categories. The available options are Date and Size, which can be useful in sometimes but not always.

A couple of weeks back i did a small work in photoshop and i was trying to search that file and i forgot the path, i try searching it through 'Search Computer' option but it took me so long and i don't remember the name too, it was messy and clutter. I said there has to be a better way to get your files quicker.

And the only powerful software where it searches and arrange everything by category is 'Adobe Bridge', you can use the search feature inside bridge but it doesn't search for particular extension, but the search inside bridge is lot more better than the windows default search. But what i am really looking for is search the files based on the extension and i found a different way and i thought i'll share it here, iam sure so many people who desperately wanted to find a particular file and end up in frustration.

Iam sure this will help you, search any file you need in your computer or even in your external drive. The only thing you need is Adobe Bridge.

01. Open Bridge, iam using CS version here but i believe the option i was about to show you will work on older version too.

02. If you know vaguely that your file is in a particular drive then you can just select that drive, or you can select 'My Computer' (which will select all the drives under it)

Here i have selected a particular drive, because i know my file will be here.

If you select 'My Computer' instead of a particular drive, it will take a long time to search, and it depends on your computer speed.

03. Once you have selected the drive it will show you all the folders inside that drive, but there's another great feature inside bridge called 'Show Items from Subfolders' from the View Menu.

This option allows you to drill inside each and every folders in the selected drive and it will display the files outside, so you don't need to open each folder manually and check for the files.

04. Once the option is selected it takes some times to search for the files, but believe me this search is much more faster than the windows default search.

You can see a spinning wheel, progress in the bottom left, and it will build a criteria in the Filter Panel. so you can narrow down the file you want after the search is complete.

05. If the Filter Panel is not visible, just to go Window and select Filter Panel.

06. Once the search is completed you will see the number of files on the bottom left of this application. You can see here i have more than 14,000 files inside one drive.

07. Open the 'File Type' in the Filter Panel.

08. You can see all sort of extensions here and it even displays the number of files, to make it easier.

09. In my case iam looking for a photoshop file, so all i have to do is scroll down in the filter panel and click the 'Photoshop document'.

By clicking on the particular file type will hide all the files and show you only the selected file type and the selected file type becomes bolder. The big advantages of this feature is you can even click other file type without deselecting the previous one, ex: i have selected 'Photoshop document' here and i can click 'PDF document' which is right above it and it will display those two extension files for me.

Another great feature is it will display the preview of most of the files you need, so you can able to see the content before opening each and every document in their native application.

10. Once you have found the file you need just right click and say 'Reveal in Explorer', will open the document location in the explorer.

11. And to bring back to default, just click the 'Cancel' button on the address bar, or you can go to View menu and deselect the 'Show Items from Subfolders'.

Iam hope this will save you lot of time, looking for a particular file in a whole bunch of documents.

If you want you can even add a keywords to your files to narrow down the search even precisely, bridge gives you all kinds of options to make your life easier.
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