Making of Markerboard Website

30 August, 2012

Markerboard app Website.

The complete website design guide took me almost a week to make, you can see the design below. The site doesn't have anything dynamic except the slideshow. We don't want to give a facebook or yahoo geocities page as a support site, we really want to make a proper website for the end user and future  apps will have the same.


We really want to thank the 'Notepad++', the entire markerboard website was made in notepad++. Simple to use and easy navigation. Its FREE!.


The design was made in photoshop and the final website is 90% close to the photoshop design, the only major changes are fonts, we kept a universal font for better browser compatibility.

The icon design was changed later stage after we made the web design.

Since we are very particular about the placement of each and every images and text, the more time was taken to create the basic structure which was very helpful when we did the coding.

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