Bridge 05 - How to Import Text as Keywords inside Bridge

12 September, 2012

Most of the time i use adobe bridge to Organize my files and folders and lately i've been using keywords inside bridge and its easy to find your files through keywords than searching for a set of pictures in a thousands of photographs.  You can add as many keywords as you want to an image and you can filter  it through keyword panel.

When i try to create a keyword in bridge, the problem is everytime i have to click the 'New Keyword' button then add text and if i want to add a sub-keyword i need to go-through the same process, i said there has to be some easy solution to this.

And after spend some time i found out this method where you can import text as keyword and all this time i didn't even notice the big import button in the keyword panel menu, anyway now that i know i thought i'll share it with you. 

01. If you are new to keywords then i'll just walk you through the basic of how to create keywords and sub-keywords and then i'll show you the import option. But if you are familier with this feature then you can jump to 07.

For the beginners you can find the keywords panel next to metadata, or else you can go to windows menu and click 'Keywords panel'.

02. Three ways you can create a keywords inside keywords panel. 1st through the 'Plus' button at the bottom right of the keywords panel, 2nd by clicking the panel's drop-down menu (top right), 3rd you can right click inside the keywords panel.

You can also create Keywords under the Description panel in the File Info from the File menu. But we don't need that right now.

03. I have created four Keywords inside the keywords panel. As for now all the four Keywords act like a parent, meaning there is no child under it.

04. To create a child (sub keyword), under the parent. First, select the parent keyword and right click and select 'New Sub Keyword' from the pop-up.

you can even click the 'New Sub Keyword' button on the bottom right, next to the 'New Keyword' button or even from the Keywords panel drop-down menu.

05. You can see i have created three sub keywords under the 'Keyword 02'.

06. You can also make the child as a parent by creating another sub-keywords under it. Below i've created a parent 'Level - 01' and its child 'Level - 02', and i've selected the 'Level - 02' and created another child under it. You can also drag and drop the keywords.

A child is always indent from its parent. So we now its under it, just like the folder structure.

07. Ok now we know how to create 'New Keyword' and 'New Sub Keyword', lets come to the main topic of this tutorial.

Open a notepad and create some text. Your top most text will be parent to make the child to its parent, indent (Tab) the next line. So when you import this the bridge will treat the indents as a child.

I've created parent as 'Notepad'. You can have any title you want, i've created notepad because its easy to identify with other keywords, this is just for this tutorial. 

08. Save your Notepad in a folder and go to your Keywords Panel drop down menu and click 'Import'.

09. Navigate to the text file and click OK.

10. You can see the text is imported as keywords. And you can see the indents are treated as child and the parent is 'Notepad'.

11. Lets create another sub keywords, i have created 'Wheat Bread', and 'White Bread' under Bread, which is a parent now.

I have also changed the top most Parent to 'Notepad 2' and the text file as Keyword 2.txt.

12. Select import and open the second file (Keyword 2.txt).

13. Now evething is newly added, you can see the top parent as 'Notepad 2' and now 'Bread' have their own children.

So right now we have added two set of text files, meaning two notepad. But what if you want to add more text to Notepad 2 and import without disturbing the existing keywords.

14. Here iam using the same 'Notepad 2' (Keyword 2.txt) as parent and i've created a child under Pencil and Pen. So now the pencil will as a parent to 'HB', '2B', '4B', and '8B', and Pen will be parent for 'Ink Pen', 'Ballpen', and 'Sketch Pen'.

15. Viola.

16. When you are adding any text to the existing file, make sure you keep the top most parent as the same name, here you an see i've kept 'Notepad 2' when i added the additional names to the pencil and pen.

In future if i add any text to the existing groceries list or stationary list and import the file, it will reflect on my keywords panel and it will add only the newly added keyword or new sub keyword. But if i change the 'Notepad 2' to Notepad 3 or some other text then it will create a entire new additional list in the keywords in the 'Keywords Panel'.

The reason i made two notepads (Notepad and Notepad 2) in the start, is to illustrate this. The top most parent has to have the same name, you shouldn't change.

Whereas, you can change the name of the text file, 'Keyword 1' to 'My List'. The Keywords panel in the bridge reads only what's inside the text file, and not the text file name.

psd tutorial index.jpg

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