Photoshop CS6 - Essentials - The Pespective Crop Tool

27 December, 2012

One of new addition to the Crop tool in the toolbar is the 'Perspective Crop Tool'. In the earlier version this was hidden inside the option bar for the crop tool. Now its a completely new tool.

Perspective crop tool helps you to correct the distorted image with different perspective. It is one of the powerful tool inside photoshop.

Perspective Crop Tool Options Bar

1. Tool Preset
You can save your presets as Tool Preset for later use. You can also save these presets to folder or you can share it with other people who are using CS6.

Since we don’t have a dedicated perspective crop tool in the older version of photoshop you cannot load these presets. You will get an error.

If you are seeing other tool presets in the tool panel panel , then click the 'Current Tool Only' at the bottom to display the preset that is related to the current tool.

2. Weight and Height Value
Entering the height and width value in the field will take effect in the final cropped image.

You can also add the values manually or you can use the custom presets (if you have saved before) from the tool preset or you can click the front image to load from the image.

Notice the first image has the dimension of 1440 x 960, and i want the final output to 500x500 because the pattern inside the image is perfect square. So, in the width and height field i entered the values including the resolution, once that is done i'll make a selection on the image and click 'commit' to accept the changes and i'll get a perfect dimension of 500x500 with 100 resolution.

The selection you made on the image is not based on the value you entered above (500x500), the value is only for the final output.

The two arrow facing in the opposite direction in between the width and height is for swapping the values.

3. Resolution
You can add how much resolution you need for your image.

You can also keep the mouse cursor on the resolution text to display the scrubby slider (hand with two arrow) to increase or decrease the value by scrubbing it towards left or right. This work for other value fields too (width and height).

4. Front Image
You can also use the width and height and resolution based on the front image, Just press the button 'Front Image' in the options bar will automatically fill in all three values.

Note, if you have have two image on one layer and each one with different sizes and you want to add the smaller image size to the values. Then you have to add manually by typing the values in the field.  Because 'Front Image' does not read the layer stack or the layer selection or how many images you have in the layer, it reads your canvas size.

5. Clear
Clear the values for height, width and resolution field. So you don’t have to delete them manually.

This is helpful because sometimes you are not sure about what dimension you need for the final output, then leave it to photoshop. Press the 'Clear' button to clear the values, and make a selection on your image and press commit. Note the image below, both image are in different sizes and i have not entered any value for width and height field.

Based on my selection photoshop makes the best dimension.

7. Show/Hide Grid
Will display the grid inside the perspective box.

7. Cancel and Commit
This will appear only if you draw any perspective grid on the image.

Note the image below, even though the tool was selected, the first image has no 'Cancel and Commit' button. The second image has the perspective grid drawn and you can see the button at the top.

Make sure you check the value before you do the perspective crop and there are four ways you can input the values in the field.

1. Tool Preset (just click on any one preset which fills the value automatically)
2. Manually Typing (If you know the exact value)
3. Let the photoshop decide (If you don't know the value)
4. Front Image (Taking it from the front image)

Drawing the grid
There are two ways you can draw the grid on the image.

1. Just click and drag will display the grid or
2. You can click to mark the points one by one to make the grid

If you are following the first method (above) then make a simple grid and move the corners to match with the perspective of the image (image below).

If you are using the second method (above), then directly draw the points based on the perspective of the image.

Unlike crop tool, the perspective crop tool have only two commands, crop and cancel. This will display only if you have any grid on the image.

The power of perspective crop tool can really make your image look beautiful and fix the distortions easily.

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