Trip # 07 - Aravalem Waterfalls, Goa

30 May, 2012



Trip # 06 - Aravalem Caves, Goa

27 May, 2012



Trip # 05 - St. Augustine Church, Goa

26 May, 2012



Trip # 04 - Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa



The big disappointment we had was, there's no bird season, so i just took the boat alone.

HDR Experience: St.Augustine Church

(click on the pic for high resolution)

This was a trip we (with my friend) made recently to goa. When we went to this place, the first thing came into my mind was 'These will look beautiful in HDR'. I didn't have my tripod when i shot this. We were actually moving from place to place and most of the places don't allow tripods so i had to somehow manage without it, besides it was too bulky to carry. 
I had to find a right spot for a good picture, although i was not happy with the sky here. Since i shot this late afternoon and there was hardly any clouds visible.

Iam still learning the new tools and techniques to capture a proper HDR. Iam not there, but iam getting closer with every step i take.

Trip # 03 - Malpe Beach, Udupi

25 May, 2012



Trip # 02 - Krishna Temple, Udupi

23 May, 2012



Trip # 01 - St. Mary's Island, Udupi

21 May, 2012