Photoshop CS6 Essentials - Type Tool - X

20 February, 2013

This is just some of the options you can do with your text, after you have created them.

There are many hidden cursors to the type tool. Each cursor changes based on the orientation and the placement. Understanding the tools are very important.

(fig 1.0)

Text on Blending mode.

(fig 2.0)

Text with Filters.

(fig 3.0)

Text with Styles, still editable.

(fig 4.0)

Convert to Pixels.

(fig 5.0)

Convert to 'Work Path' or 'Shape'.

(fig 6.0)

Text inside Path.

(fig 7.0)

Warp effects like twist, arc, bulge, flag, wave, inflate and many more. Still editable.

(fig 8.0)

Apply 'Small caps' or 'All caps' to an existing text.

(fig 9.0)

Changing Type Orientation after finish typing.

(fig 10.0)

'Check Spelling' for all the types Point type, Paragraph type, Type on Path, Type inside Path and Warp Type.

(fig 11.0)

'Find and Replace Text'.

(fig 12.0)

Convert from Point to Paragraph or Paragraph to Point type.

(fig 13.0)


(fig 14.0)

Using justification for paragraph type.

(fig 15.0)

Language options.

(fig 16.0)

Adjusting spacing and indent to a normal paragraph.

(fig 17.0)

- Adjusting anti-aliasing method
- Leading
- Tracking
- Adding No Break
- Using Subscript or Superscript
- Remove Hyphenate or set your custom hyphenation options
- Make a template for a particular text or paragraph
- placeholder text, Lorem Ipsum inside photoshop
and many more.

We will see all the options one by one in the next >> Essential for Type Tool 11

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