PS 10 - Why my brush outline is jagged

28 February, 2013

First time when i saw this, i thought it was some bug inside Photoshop.

This is actually a feature for the brush tool, where it displays the real size of the brush if the hardness value below 100%. The lesser you go the bigger the size becomes. Let's see how it works.

Title 10.jpg

The brush tip has two options, one is Normal brush tip and another is Full size brush tip, which you can control in the Preferences dialog box.

In Normal brush tip, the full color stays inside the brush outline (circle). when reducing the hardness, the color flows outside the outline of the brush leaving a soft stroke.

For 'Full size brush tip' the outline adjust based on the hardness of the brush, hence the jagged edge. Notice the bottom two circles are in the same brush size and hardness.

(fig 1.0)

You can easily switch the tip from full brush tip to normal brush tip in the cursors under Preferences dialog box.

(fig 2.0)

In this example if we need to draw a line inside this orange box, set a brush outline to match with the box height will gets a perfect line and the color stays inside the box. (fig 3.0 - 1)

But, if the hardness is set to 20% and drawing a line will spread the color outside (fig 3.0 - 2). It's hard to see how much color spreads with the brush tip is set to normal size.

(I have applied layer based slice to see how far the color went outside the box. You can also apply Stroke from the layer style options.)
You can learn more about Layer based slice here >> Essential for Slice Tool

(fig 3.0)

Setting the brush tip to Full size will help us to see how far the color will go, then we can adjust the brush outline to fit within the box.

(fig 4.0)

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