3rd App for iPhone and Android

31 March, 2013

Happy to Announce, we have started our 3rd app this March 2013. Three weeks back i traveled and spoke to the developer and had a great time and everything went well as expected.

We had two projects and we decided to go for this one. Can't tell you anything more than this for now, but it is going to be excited.

App Poster.jpg

When we started our first app Markerboard, we had no idea how to go about. We didn't have a proper documentation, the only thing we had was the design and that was made couple of months back. Although i had 2 years of work experience as iPhone Game designer and worked on both 2d and 3d projects, still i was little reluctant to do an app from start to finish. Even though there are lot of resources available on the internet, you only get to know the ups and downs after you sit down and start make things. We faced so many issues and with trial and error we somehow managed to pull the first app.

We had better document and asset notes in the second app,Task. When the app was in the development stage we had some minor issues, but it was much better than the first one.

So this time we are making more stronger and solid documentation and all the other ground work (which was shown to the subscribers in the march newsletter). We are also targeting for iPhone and Android devices this time.

If you are a Monthly Subscriber, you get to see the sneak peek of the app process. Remember, this is only for the subscribers and it is not going to be in my blog till the app releases in the market.

Join with the other subscribers and see the process

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