Photoshop CS6 Essentials - Type Tool - XIII

08 March, 2013

Font style comes with font family. A style can make the typeface to regular, medium, bold, slanted, oblique, italic, condensed, etc. Each font comes with different font style, if not you can use the simulated style in the character panel.

Font Style

Just like font family, you can access font style in the options bar and also from the character panel.

(fig 1.0)

Changing font family will automatically change the available font style for that family.

(fig 2.0)

If the font style is not available, it will greyed out

(fig 3.0)

Having multiple styles applied to a text will leave the style text box empty.

(fig 4.0)

Like font family, you can highlight the style text box and use the keyboard to select to different style.

Changing font preview will also change the preview for the font style.

(fig 6.0)

If the font family does not contain any style you can use the style from the character panel to simulate the effect.

Since 'Arial Rounded MT Bold' does not have any style (fig 7.0 - 1) comes with the font family, i can select (fig 7.0 - 2) faux bold from the character panel to make the text bolder. Also i can select (fig 7.0 - 3) faux italic to simulate italic.

(Rest of the options in the character panel will be explained in the 'Character Panel' Essential)

(fig 7.0)

You can also use the Keyboard shortcut to select 'Faux Bold' and 'Faux Italic' in the character panel.

You have to be in the edit mode to use the keyboard shortcut. You can see they keyboard shortcut keys by selecting the 'Character panel flyout menu'.

(fig 8.0)

Faux bold will not work with 'Warp text'.

If you apply faux bold to a text, 'Create warped text' from the options bar or 'Warp text..' from the Type menu will display an alert message. Warp text will work with faux italic

(fig 9.0)

Also faux bold will not work on 'Create Work Path' and 'Convert to Shape'.

(fig 10.0)

You can also apply font style and faux style at the same time.

(fig 11.0)

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