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23 March, 2013

Aligning type is available for all the type tools. It is available from the options bar and also from the paragraph panel.


As you can see below, alignment works best with paragraph type than point type.

(fig 1.0)

When working with point type, it is always good to decide the alignment option before you start to type anything. Three alignment options are available, left, right and center for horizontal type and top, center and bottom for vertical type tool.

You can see how the text shifts with the alignment option.

(fig 2.0)

The alignment option is marked by a dot in the baseline for Horizontal type . For left alignment the text flows from left to right and for the right alignment the text flows from right to left. Think of it like a water flow from a pipe.

The flow of the water is the flow of the text.
Left align: Right flow
Right align: Left flow
Center align: Flows in both direction

(fig 3.0)

In paragraph type everything sits inside the box, hence it works best with paragraph type.

(fig 4.0)

When you change the alignment after placing the insertion point, you can see the position change. This cannot be seen in a point type, but with paragraph you can see it clearly.

(fig 5.0)

The point type alignment can be seen in Type on path. Here (fig 6.0) i have placed the I-beam in the center for all three alignments, notice the starting and the ending point for every alignment option.

(fig 6.0)

If you notice the above image (fig 6.0) for center alignment, the distribution of starting and the ending point is not even. That is because the placement of the insertion point is not exactly in the center.

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(fig 6.1)

Horizontal has an alignment option of left, right and center and Vertical has top, bottom and center. This is the same for Horizontal mask type tool and vertical mask type tool.

(fig 7.0)

Changing alignment in one place will change in other. Unlike previous type tool essentials, this is available in the Paragraph panel and not in the Character panel.

(fig 8.0)

Alignment options work both in Edit mode and Commit text.

Commit text alignment does not work with Horizontal type mask tool and Vertical type mask tool, because in those tool types there is no type layer creates in the layers panel.

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(fig 9.0)

Selecting all the text layer in the layers panel and changing alignment will change all.

(fig 10.0)

If you select other tools from the toolbar and not type tool, you can still access the alignment options from the paragraph panel.

(fig 11.0)

Alignment options work with all the type tools

Horizontal type tool
Vertical type tool
Horizontal type inside
Type inside path
Type outside path

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