Photoshop CS6 Essentials - Type Tool - XVII

28 March, 2013

Text color can be changed from options bar, character panel and also apply foreground or background colors through keyboard shortcuts. Changing colors will work for Horizontal and vertical text only, it does not work on type mask tools.

Text Color

You can change the color before you type the text and also after commit text.

(fig 1.0)

Text color is available in the options bar and also from the character panel.

(fig 2.0)

Once you commit the text, selecting the text layer and changing the color from the options bar or from the character panel will change all the text.

(fig 3.0)

If you want to change only a word or a line, then you should go to edit mode and highlight the text and change the text color.

(fig 4.0)

Having multiple colors in a single text layer will leave a question mark in the text color.

(fig 5.0)

You can also apply colors from the swatches palette.

Select the text layer and selecting a color from the swatches palette will change only the foreground color. If you are using swatches palette you should be in the edit mode, this will change the text color and also it change the color in the options bar.

(fig 6.0)

Changing color in one place (foreground color, options bar, or character panel) will change in other places automatically.

(fig 7.0)

If you have a two different colors in the foreground and in the options bar, and if you create text, it will take the color from the options bar. If the options bar doesn't have any color (question mark) then it will apply the foreground color.

(fig 8.0)

Selecting text layer in the layer palette will display that text color in the options bar. If you have a multiple colors assigned to the text, the text color will display question mark.

(fig 9.0)

If you have other tool selected from the toolbar you can change the text color from the character panel.

(fig 10.0)

We saw earlier that selecting a type layer from the layers palette will change the color in the options bar. With that selected, creating a new type will apply the same color.

But if you select a text layer with multiple colors and create a new text will use the foreground color.

(fig 11.0)

You can also apply gradient to the text, not from the toolbar but from the layer style.

(fig 12.0)

You can use keyboard shortcut to apply foreground or background color for the selected text.

Holding Alt+Backspace (Win) or Option+Delete (Mac OS) will apply foreground color and Ctrl+Backspace (Win) or Command+Delete (Mac OS) will apply background color.

Text color work only on Horizontal type tool and Vertical type tool, it does not work on Horizontal type mask tool and Vertical type mask tool.

Selecting any of the type mask tool will disable the text color in the options bar and also from the character panel.

(fig 14.0)

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