Book 48 - World War II In Photographs

10 November, 2013

'World War II in Photographs '
David Boyle
600 Pages

World War II was the most intensively photographed conflict in history. Military and press photographers, propagandists, camera-wielding soldiers and civilians - all took the opportunity to record the tumultuous events of 1939-45.

The scenes they captured of mass suffering and individual heroism, of atrocious cruelty and humanitarianism against the odds, of hate and comraderie, misery and hope, remain undiminished in their intensity and constitute a vital record of an extraordinary period.

World War II in Photographs features 900 clearly captioned images selected from a wide variety of sources. Every major theatre of conflict is covered, from icy seas of the Arctic Circle to the jungles of the South Pacific, from the deserts of North Africa to the steppes of Russia. Throughout, proper historical grounding is given by an informative, indexed commentary summarizing the many complex events of the period.

With its wealth of memorable images, this book provides an unrivalled overview of a time when three-quarter of the globe went to war. - Amazon

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