Bowls of Life

19 January, 2014

/hive/2014/january/bowlsoflife The first project was the 'Book Scan', i Photographed all the artbooks i had in my collections. It was started on 2011, then stopped and continue on 2012, at the end of 2012 i made it as a weekend project and it went till end of 2013. No more book to post, so i had to stop.
You can see all the 48 books here >> Bookscan

The Second project is the Color Correction (2013), it started randomly and went parallelly with the Book Scan. There were two set of color correction, daily and weekly. Daily color correction i made everyday and post every midnight. The weekend color color correction went every week, still going on. I was planning to stop after i reach 50 (i might continue, but not sure). I made that as a weekend project and started posting regularly. If i had to travel then i can't post that weekend, two or three time i had break inbetween.
100 - Daily Color Corrections : 3 Way Color Correction
Weekend Color Correction : Color Correction Breakdown

The third project is 'Bowls of Life' (2014) >> Bowls of Life I will be posting more photos regularly in this set.

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