PS 16 - How to close and open all the groups at once

08 January, 2014

Every time you have a large number of groups, it is harder to close everything one by one and open again. This might not seem much of hard work for 5 to 10 groups. But with a larger number of groups, we prefer to leave it as it is and not bother to close them all.

But what if you want to close all at once?

Here, just for this tutorial i have created these random texts and symbols. If we look at the layer palette, i have renamed the group name to the content and indent everything under one group.

(fig 1.0)

Here's the stack order. This is very important, you have to have only one top most parent group with all the groups and layers inside, else this method will not work.

(fig 1.1)

To close the group in stacks, you generally close the selected group or you click the top most group to close all. When you open next time, only the group which you open will reveal all, but the other groups inside will remains the same way you left before.

If you are so particular in organizing the layers, you can close all the groups one by one then and close the top most group.

I mean who has time to do all these one by one and re-open one by one again. So here's a little trick

(fig 2.0)

Whenever you need to close all the groups, just hold the Alt and click on the top most group. Regardless of the opened groups inside the stack, holding the alt will closses everything. It works the same way to open all group at once.

(fig 3.0)

When you click normally, it just open/close the selected group.

But, when you hold Alt and open the group, it triggers everything inside the group. Holding alt will open or close only the children stack and not the stacks outside.

(fig 4.0)

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