How to Create an Apple ID (without credit card)

23 February, 2014

Most of you know if you need to buy anything from apple store you need to have an apple id.
You can use Apple ID in
- App Store
- Apple Development Programs
- Apple Store
- Apple TV
- Game Center
- iBooks Store
- iCloud
- iTunes U
and so on..

If you try to download any free apps, apple still ask you the credit card details. But, there is a way you can get the ID without using credit card.
You can still use this ID just like any other apple id to download free items from the Store. Remember, 'APPLE ID' CANNOT BE DELETED. So choose a proper email id before you create one.

Open the iTunes

(fig 1.0)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to change the country option. You cannot skip this step, because you need to provide the zip code while creating the ID.

(fig 1.1)

Select your country.

(fig 1.2)

Click the 'App Store' tab.

(fig 2.0)

Click the 'TOP FREE APPS'

(fig 2.1)

Click the 'Free' button under any one of the app, this will brings the Sign in window and click the 'Create Apple ID' button.

(fig 3.0)


(fig 4.0)


(fig 4.1)

You have to fill in all the details. The email you enter here is going to be your Apple ID and the password is the apple id password (not your email password). Continue.

(fig 4.2)

You can see the option 'None.'
If the None button is selected, you do not see any credit card information below. Just fill the billing address.

(fig 4.3)

You will see the Verify Apple ID page.
If you do not find the verification mail in your inbox, check your spam folder

(fig 4.4)

But, if you have created the Apple ID from >> Create Apple ID, you will not see the Payment Method page and your Apple ID is ready (but you cannot use it).

If you go to itunes and try to Sign In, they will ask you to review your account and send you to the Payment Method page with no 'None' button (fig 5.0). In order to continue shopping even if you are going to download only free apps you still need to add the credit card details here. You cannot skip this method, if you do so then you cannot able to sign in to itunes.

(fig 5.0)

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