PS 21 - Reveal the location for the File in Photoshop

26 March, 2014

You can see the location of the file inside photoshop in two ways, one is to mouse over on the tab and it will reveal the location and another is to reveal the file in the explorer from the contextual menu. Let's see both methods now.

photoshop tutorial 21.jpg

Mouse over

01.01. You can mouse over on a current photoshop file tab to see it's location. This will work only if you saved the current photoshop file as .psd. This will not work on an opened file.

Here i have opened two files. One is 'JPEG' and another is '.psd' file (workfile.psd). If i mouse over on both the tabs it displays only the file name.

(fig 1.0)

01.02. Here, i have another files, one is saved as .psd (saved.psd) and another one is not (Not Saved). These two files are created inside photoshop from a new document (File > New).

If i mouse over on the 'Not Saved' file it shows me only the file name, but if i mouseover on the saved file (saved.psd), i can see the saved location.

(fig 2.0)

01.03. Photoshop displays the location for the currently working file. This also works on saving the file again without doing anything.

I have opened a 'Saved.psd' file from a folder. This file was already saved and closed and opened again. If i mouse over on the window, it shows me only the filename. But if i save the file again as 'Saved_02.psd (doesn't matter whether it is on the same location or different location) and mouse over will showed me the location.

(fig 3.0)

01.04. If you cannot see anything when you mouse over on the window then Check the 'Show Tool Tip' in the Preferences > Interface options.

(fig 4.0)

01.05. Here's a simple flowchart to understand this better.

(fig 5.0)

'Reveal in Explorer'

02.01. If you want to know the location of opened file inside photoshop, 'Reveal in Explorer' is the quickest way.

To open the location of the opened file, right-click on the tab and select 'Reveal in Explorer'. This will open the explorer and select the file automatically.

(fig 6.0)

02.02. Make sure you right-click on the tab (where the text is) and not outside the tab.

(fig 6.1)

02.03. If your file is not saved, 'Reveal in Explorer' cannot be selected.

(fig 7.0)

02.04. If you have multiple tabs of windows, you can still see and select the 'Reveal in Explorer' for the non-selected tab.

(fig 7.1)

02.05. 'Reveal in Explorer' works only on tab and not on floating windows. If you have only one file opened, then use the 'Consolidate All to Tabs'.

If your window is floating, right-click will show you different options.

(fig 8.0)

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