Learning Cooking

29 October, 2014

After working on a computer for a long hour, cooking releases tension. Yes it does.

I've started my cooking on 1998, it wasn't really a cooking, it was more like surviving. After 2000 i had a long gap and started on 2013. i have a better kitchen and useful utensils now (probably).

These are the recipes i made over the months. I learned (learning) from my mother, i have a cookbook which i write the recipes down (more like drawing) whenever i like the color, and taste.

I like the traditional way of cooking, i try to avoid ready-made stuffs but sometimes you can't. There's a different between using Ginger Garlic paste and using a real ginger and garlic, you can really tell the difference. Taste differ with person to person, and in india it differ from state to state.

Green Beans with Dal.jpg

Beetroot and Carrot curry.jpg


Kadai Paneer.jpg

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