PS-30 - Fixing the Text Alignment position Quickly

04 October, 2014

How many times you created a text and realized that you need to change the alignment, to do so the whole position changes and you have to re-align it again. Well here's a quick tip to fix that.


01. When you create a text, by default it will be a Point type. The flow of the text is based on the alignment you set in the option bar. If you change the alignment after you created the text, you will see the alignment shifts.

When you are in the edit mode, you can see the dot in the baseline (fig 1.0 - 2) which is the starting position of the text. Notice the dot stays in the same place and only the text direction changes.

(fig 1.0)

02. Before you change to different alignment, Convert the text from Point to Paragraph by going to Type Menu > Convert to Paragraph Text or right-click on the text and select from the Contextual menu.

Notice the text placement from Point to Paragraph is exactly the same after we converted.

(fig 2.0)

03. Make sure your text is not in the edit mode when you use the contextual menu. Both Edit and the Normal mode will reveal the contextual menu, but the options are different.

Normal mode is where your text layer is selected in the layers palette and you right-click on the text to reveal the menu.

(fig 3.0)

04. Notice how little the alignment position changes in the Paragraph Text. Once you are done with the alignment, Convert it back to Point Text from the Type menu or from the Context menu.

The point text is not constrained with anything (fig 4.0 - 3) , so if you keep on typing without moving to the next line, the text goes out of the canvas. But with paragraph, everything stays inside the box.

To learn more about Point Text and Paragraph Text and other Text options, Go here >> Photoshop Essentials

(fig 4.0)

05. You can download this action file to make things faster. This action is created from this tutorial. You can create your own if you don't want to download this.
It's just my way of working. Basically it saves time going to the type menu converting and changing the alignment and converting again. Instead the action will takes care of everything.

// Photoshop Action >>

The action includes
  • Convert Point > Paragraph
  • Convert Paragraph > Point
  • Left alignment
  • Right alignment
  • Center alignment
'Convert Point > Paragraph' and 'Convert Paragraph > Point' are pretty straight forward. It does what it says

If you want to change the alignment after you created the Point text, then use one of these Left alignment or Right alignment or Center alignment. This will Convert Point text to Paragraph, change the alignment and Convert it back to point text.

(fig 5.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg

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