Sale #13 - 24 Different Types of Knives

03 October, 2014

There are total 24 different knives separated by categories including all the major knives. Designed only with Shape layers for easy editing. The layers are neatly organized; if you are using Photoshop CS6, you can take advantage of the filter drop down in the layers palette to pin point a particular layer with name, type, color and effects.

You will also get PNG files for all those knives along with the original Photoshop file
  • Kitchen Knives (5)
  • Meat Knives (5)
  • Cheese Knives (3)
  • Small Knives (5)
  • Speciality Knives (5)
  • Other Knife (1)
Check the link for all the list of knives in those categories
Link: 24 Different Types of Knives

28 different types of knives.jpg

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