50 Random things about me

25 November, 2014

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50 Random things about me

  1. My first Phone ‘Candlestick Phone’ bought from the exhibition in 2005. Loved it so much, still have it.
  2. I have a 1976 Enfield Bullet, my friends friend sold it to me saying his wife does not like the bike.
  3. My favourite colors are Green, Blue, and Gray. Green is my favourite, that explains why iam still in Kerala.
  4. I like to learn new things and improve myself regularly.
  5. I learned so much from Google than from teachers.
  6. I have a Canon 550d, my second camera. My first one was Canon Powershot A570. Yes I like Canon.
  7. I don’t like Cubicles in workspace.
  8. I got my first website in 2008.
  9. My last interviewer (2009) asked me ‘Have you seen iPhone’, because the company does iPhone games and apps. I told him ‘I have one’.
  10. I have a notebook which I keep ideas and making sketches for Apps to make in the future.
  11. I am a workaholic.
  12. When I release my first app, I wanted a website, with a help of my old colleague I gave the web development to a well known company (well..that’s what they said) and they did a horrible job(I also paid them). I got so frustrated, i spend next couple of days learned the basic code and published it Apps.
  13. I like Nature.
  14. I got bored and made 500 textures and gave it for free 500 Free Textures.
  15. I love Photography.
  16. My first paid job was Bookbinder. I stayed for one day and I left.
  17. I like music of any Genre. Mostly I like Rock, Heavy, Instrumental.
  18. I like to Organize things, lately I’ve been doing that to my life.
  19. I like Thriller, Sci-fi and Horror movies the most.
  20. I don’t trust people who take work lightly.
  21. To keep myself into a habit of working without loosing interest and also to keep it going, i started the Artbooks Scan as a Weekend project – Photographed all my books. Just a fun Weekend project Experiment with Color Correction . Long term project, Bowls of Life.
  22. I was in this Animation company where they did french animations, we use to make traditional animation by pencil and by computer. The best company I worked so far.
  23. My friend and I used to do lot of crazy experiments with water, ink, spiders, ants... back in Good ol’ days (1999) with the Pencil test camera, people used to thinks we are crazy.
  24. My First Phone was Sony Ericsson K750i, my sister told me buy Nokia 6600 and I told her it looks like holding a soap in my hand.
  25. I have an expensive taste.
  26. A Music store guy asked me once how can you like Marilyn Manson and Ozzy at the same time, I told him ‘I also like Tori Amos and Rammstein’, and he never spoke to me after that.
  27. I had a girlfriend, things didn’t work out.
  28. I was born in 21 December 1979. Even though iam a cusp, my friend says iam more of Capricorn.
  29. I have a sister who sings and brother-in-law plays guitar and piano.
  30. I used to draw a lot on the floor. So my Uncle suggested me to join the Animation Academy which opened in hyderabad at that time (1998). I was happy and thrilled, because I don’t know anything about animation.
  31. I learned my computer course in Arena in 1998. Photoshop 3.0, Illustrator 6.0, Macromedia Flash 2.0, Adobe Director, Soundforge and 3d max. I left half way to joined the Animation Academy. Although I finished Photoshop and Illustrator.
  32. I have three websites – sanjeevramanathan, sanjeevbeekeeper.com/apps, beekeepersblog.
  33. I once had a crush on a girl, so I made an animation ‘I can’t get over you’ by The Queers. My cousin told me to send it to the band, I thought it was ridiculous so I contacted the singer and send the video, the whole band loved it and he wanted to add to their first DVD. I re-edited the video for DVD quality and send them through post. Joe, the singer send me two DVDs of The Queers are Here. You can see my name 'Sanj' at the back of the DVD.
  34. I love photoshop so much and thought I could get a certificate (ADE), so I took the test (9A0-150 – CS5) and I lost in 3 marks. I took the test again and lost in 2 marks. I said fuck it.
  35. Because of the frustration i made the Photoshop Tutorials and Photoshop Essentials to cover the technical details of the software as much as possible.
  36. I love Cooking.
  37. Once we (me and my gf) visited old home and served food for almost 50 old peoples. One of the best thing we did so far.
  38. I travel 25 km every week to go to the temple. I try to make it even if the weather is bad. Because visiting the temple gives me peace by the end of the day.
  39. I quit my job in 2012 to live the life the way i wanted.
  40. I have PC, iMac and Mac Book Pro. I do most of the work in PC and iMac is for iBooks and Mac Book Pro is for traveling.
  41. I keep reading quotes to keep me motivated, so to keep everybody motivate I started the blog Inspirational Quotes.
  42. Iam little shy, couple of months before I quit the job we had a Company Celebration, I took lot of courage and ask people to pose for the photograph.
  43. I got fired from a company once, because I couldn’t do 3 episodes of animation in a month, which I thought was horrible.
  44. I released a Free iBooks of the inspirational quotes blog and keep updating them every month.
  45. I made 3 iPhone applications and all of them are available in the app store. I will update all and make more apps, once i get a good developer to match my taste.
  46. 15 places in 3 days, me and my friend literally burned out in the Goa and Udupi trip.
  47. I took more than 3500 photos with my first camera (Powershot) and i had the camera with me for only 2.5 years and gave it to my ex-gf.
  48. I don’t what to regret in later stages of my life. Let me live the way i wanted.
  49. I love my parents and want to be with them in their older days.
  50. I like Vodka.

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