PS-35 - How to create a Perfect Guides

21 December, 2014

Creating grid is very easy inside photoshop and there are two method to do that. One is entering the value in the popup window and another is manually. I'll explain both method here.

Guides will come in handy, in fact if you want to create a Print bleeds inside photoshop , you need to create guide first.

To Create Print Bleed inside photoshop, check this tutorial Tutorial 34 - How to create a Print bleed for your canvas


01. Here's a simple document 8 x 10 (reduced by 50 percent). First lets create the grid with the value method, then we will see the manual method.

(fig 1.0)

02. Go to View menu and select 'New Guide...' and on the New Guide window, do not enter any value, just leave it to 0px and click OK. Repeat this step again for the other orientation.

This will creates a guide on top and left of the canvas. It does not matter even if you move the ruler. If you don't know what i am talking about, Check this tutorial Tutorial 25 - Adjusting the Scale position

(fig 2.0)

03. To create the guide on the other sides, Go to the New Guide window and enter the dimension of your canvas in the vertical and horizontal position.

Here's the thing, if you get confused between which one is width and which one is height. Remember, Vertical is for width and Horizontal is for height. You can remember 'H' in Horizontal for 'H' in height.

(fig 3.0)

04. If you prefer the manual method, just turn on the 'Snap' from the View menu, this will snap the guide to the edge of the canvas when you drag from the ruler and move closer to the edge.

(fig 4.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg

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