PS-37: How to Quickly Nudge a Heavy Group

10 January, 2015

Everybody goes through this frustration of trying to move a heavy bunch of layers and all of a sudden the software freezes. Here's a fast and quick method to move the layers or groups to the exact location without using multiple movements.

You can download the work file if you do not have any document to work with.

Workfile >>


01. There are more than 600 boxes to mimic a heavy layers and all are created with shape layers. Four boxes are for reference. If i have use the arrow key on the keyboard to nudge the 'Boxes' group it will take couple of sec to just go to the next pixel.

If you have downloaded the work file you can try it by yourself.

(fig 1.0)

02. Let's say we need to move the boxes to the top left of the reference box. Using the move tool, we cannot able to align properly, because of the heavy layers.

(fig 2.0)

03. In order to move the boxes to the correction location, use the box guide. Select the reference box layer. Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail or Go to Select > Load Selection..., in the Load Selection box, click OK to activate the running ants.

Now select the 'Boxes' group. Click the Top and the Left alignment button in the option bar. You can see the boxes move to the exact position (fig 3.0 - 2).

(fig 3.0)

04. You can try moving the boxes to the other reference locations by using the same selection method.

What if we need to move the box back to the center?

(fig 3.1)

05. Since we do not have any reference box, we can use the Rectangle marquee tool. Select the Rectangle marquee tool and create a simple box (doesn't have to be perfect), make sure the top and the left are aligned with the grid because you need two reference points.

Use the same alignment to move the box. The alignment is based on the selection, so use the top and left.

(fig 4.0)

06. Use a some layer or element as a guide and move your groups, if you do not have any layer or guide create a simple box. This method is much faster than using the move tool, especially if you have many of layers. It also works on larger documents with heavy layers.

Another alternative method is converting the layers to Smart object, this will also move the layers faster.

psd tutorial index.jpg

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