Bridge 06: Rename series: Replace spaces with underscores

17 May, 2015

Lets look at how to remove spaces between the words and replace with punctuation marks. For this tutorial i'll use Underscore ( _ ).


01. Open the folder in Bridge and select all the files to rename.

(fig 1.0)

02. Open the Batch Rename window and clear all the existing filename under the New Filenames section. So we can start from fresh.

If you have done some previous Batch Rename then the last action will be displayed here.

(fig 2.0)

03. Select the String Substitution from the first dropdown. By default the second dropdown is set to Original Filename, if not you can change it.

Keep an eye on the Preview section.

(fig 3.0)

04. Enter [:blank:] in the Find text box. After you entered, check the Use Regular Expression .

Notice the Preview, all the blank spaces are gone.

(fig 3.1)

05. In the Replace with text box, add _ (underscore). This will replace all the spaces with underscore, see the preview below.

(fig 3.2)

06. To verify how the rename looks on other file names, Select the Preview button from the top right.

(fig 4.0)

07. Click OK to exit the Preview window and Select the Rename button to rename all the files.

(fig 5.0)
psd tutorial index.jpg

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