Come on, I will show you! - Weekend Project - 01

19 March, 2017

I have created a new Youtube channel called 'Come on I will show you'. This channel is intend to show the people around Chennai with the map. If you happens to visit Chennai, you can use these videos ( i will be uploading more) as a guide and you get to the place without getting lost.

I will be visiting temples to start with (especially the ones that are inside and hard to find or not many people will know). Why temples? Because that's is something people like to visit often. .

The videos will cover from the railway station or from the Bus stand to the nearest temple. You can get to the Railway station or Bus-stand easily, and from there I will show you. Right now we are targeting only Chennai. If you are looking for anything in particular or you want me to cover other places. Let me know in the comment.  

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