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28 March, 2017

I will be updating the new quotes page regularly - moving all the old quotes from the old website to the new one. Here's is why i want to move it to the new page.

  1. The old website was cluttered. Because i did not have any choice, i had to keep posting.
  2. You cannot filter author based on category. Honestly i did not know how to add category. So i hard-coded the author names.
  3. All the quotations are hard-coded around the text. Sometimes i miss the marks and you can see it the older quotes. Which was frustrating.
  4. It is not Responsive, so if you view the old website in your mobile, you have to scroll horizontally back and forth to view the quotes. Annoying.
  5. So i stop updating all together.

  1. The new website is awesome. I love it.
  2. You can filter the quotes by author, just click on the author name.
  3. You can read one quote at a time, press 'F5' to refresh to get a new quote or use the 'Refresh' button. The quotes are random. So even if i upload 20 quotes by the same author, when you refresh it will display randomly.
  4. If you are in the author page, you can use the site link at the bottom to go back.
  5. The total number of quotes will be visible at the bottom. Every update i make, i will update the count.
  6. If you want to know more about myself. You can click my name.

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