Cannot ‘Send Test’ Mail from WP-mail-SMTP – Gmail Users

You have to turn on Less secure app in order for this to work. Google says – “Some apps and devices use less secure sign-in technology, which makes your account more vulnerable.”

Use it with caution
When you are setting up your SMTP configuration, you ran into an issue where it says bool (false) even though you entered all the information’s correctly. Lets see how to fix this. Gmail users only.

Click on your Gmail account profile pic and click the ‘My Account’


Once you are in the My Account page, Click the ‘Apps with account access‘.


Turn on ‘Allow less secure apps: ON.’


After you turn on the option, you will get a mail from Google. Don’t worry.


Now go to your WP-mail-SMTP settings and enter your email and click ‘Send Test’


You should get bool (true) as a result.

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