How to customize textarea width and height using Contact Form 7 syntax

You can adjust the textarea height and width using the build-in Contact Form 7 code.

To reduce or expand the rows, use x followed by the number of rows you want to have. The code below will have 4 rows

<label> Your Message
    [textarea your-message x4 ] </label>

To adjust the columns use the number before the x in the text area. The code below will have 5 columns

<label> Your Message
    [textarea your-message 5x ] </label>

To control both rows and columns you can use x in the middle. The code will have 5 columns and 4 rows.

<label> Your Message
    [textarea your-message 5x4 ] </label>

If you do not add anything, it will take the default value which is 40x10. 40 columns and 10 rows.

<label> Your Message
    [textarea your-message] </label>

I have also answered this in the Stack overflow, You can see it here

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