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You will find some of the projects and freebies link in this page. Projects are something i have started and works in my free time.

Inspirational quotes »

Everyone needs inspirational, like zig zaglar says "Motivation is the fuel, necessary to keep the human engine running." Long time back i started a blog called beekeeperinspirationalquotes on blogger and recently i moved to better server with newer design. More quotes will be updated to the new site.

Bowls of Life »

Started as a fun project to portray a repetitive life cycle of us. Photographed the objects and things around us with the shape of circle. This is a ongoing project and i have not decided to stop but the frequency of uploading picture will vary.

Artbooks Scan »

For many years i have been collecting books on animation, design, movie making and more.. Some of the books are scanned and put it to display in my Flickr gallery.

3 Way Color Correction »

What the camera captures and what we see as a final picture are completely different, There is so much work going on in the post-production just to get the perfect picture. Couple of years back i was experimenting this on a photoshop with images i downloaded from the internet and other site. I created a separate blog and posted all the pictures with side-by-side comparision. To break it down even more i created a Weekend Color Correction of some of the images with more detailed process.


There is so much the Design community is contributing to help each other. Couple of years back if we have to use any fonts, images, plugins, videos - we have to purchase it online to use them in our commercial work, and now you get them for free and so many people are giving away lots of free stuffs. Here are my contributions.

500 Texture Pack jpg / png

30 ISO Print paper size Photoshop action

22 Web banner Photoshop action

30 Beautiful Seamless Striped Patterns Photoshop Patterns

Server Not Found Photoshop Template